Leading Magnetic Design Ltd designs, develops and manufactures custom-built electromagnetic telemetry systems. Our products are used worldwide in the oil & gas industry. Our Electromagnetic Measurement-While-Drilling (EM MWD) technology provides the ideal solution for telemetry during underbalanced drilling.

  • Leading Magnetic design develops and produces custom-built, versatile EM systems for use in a variety of field conditions. Our products include the Twin EM MWD tool which works alongside existing MWD, and the DST SRO wireless surface readout for drillstem testing.

  • LMD's durable and rugged EM equipment is designed in accordance with latest leading-edge scientific theory. Our high quality technical team are expert in all aspects of electromagnetism, signal generation and detection; our products are designed from first principles, leading to optimal performance across the board.

  • LMD carries out pioneering hi-tech Research & Development and provides intelligent software solutions. We are happy to provide custom EM solutions tailored to your needs. In addition to user-cutomised tools, this allows us to design add-on EM compatible with the exact MWD interface you are using.


Twin EM MWD System